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P4 illuminates stairway to escape

Published:  10 May, 2010

P4, emergency lighting, LED

P4’s Stairlight system for emergency lighting is based on white LED incorporated into the handrail of staircases. The concept is described as bringing aesthetic appeal to areas such as atria by eliminating the need to install emergency luminaires on walls and ceilings.

The system illuminates stair treads and half landings, which are often not well illuminated by conventional emergency lighting.

The white LEDs typically have a life of 50 000 h. The system can be retrofitted to existing staircases or integrated into a new build. It can also be considered for mains operation to add creativity to areas of high night-time visibility.

Stairlight is fitted with P4s Fastel automatic self-testing technology, and it can also be connected via the Fastel MWEB plus interface to P4’s computer addressable system for remote monitoring and control via any PC that is connected to the Internet.

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