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Probably the best lighting in Northampton

Published:  07 April, 2010

Metal-halide conversion kits from Venture Lighting have achieved major improvements in lighting levels for Carlsberg in Northampton.

Carlsberg has achieved a major increase in lighting levels in its 4200 m2 plant at Northampton by installing 350 W metal halide lamps fitted with solid reflectors within existing luminaires. Lighting levels a metre above ground level have been increased from 80 lx to 250 lx. The Uni-Form pulse-start lamps from Venture Lighting have 350 W magnetic as part of a easily installed conversion kit for the previous 250 W lamps

For advice on how to significantly increase light levels without too much disruption in the busy operation areas, Carlsberg’s facilities and electrical manager John Baker and electrical engineer Jim Johnson from contractor EI-WHS, contacted local wholesaler Midshires Electrical. Following an initial trial, the vast improvement in overall illumination and lux levels led to the rest of the facility being converted.

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