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Glasgow’s CitizenM hotel checks into Grundfos

Published:  07 April, 2010

Grundfos, pump
This CitizenM hotel in Glasgow has its pumping requirements met by a range of pumps from Grundfos.

Glasgow’s newest Hotel, CitizenM next to the Theatre Royal, is built from rooms or pods prefabricated off site in Amsterdam, transported to site and slotted into place in situ. It is the first CitizenM hotel outside the Netherlands. There are 180 rooms. To support this infrastructure, Grundfos Pumps worked with contractor Hulse Building Services and consultants Hurley Palmer Flatt to supply the pump solution.

The pumps are all energy-efficient models drawn from the A-rated Magna circulator family and TPED range of twin-head centrifugal pumps. There is also a Hydro MPC-E booster set and a wide range of ancillary items — including an anti-surge valve to eliminate the risk of hydraulic shock when power is lost and subsequently restored.

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