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Actionair smoke and fire dampers are ES rated

Published:  07 April, 2010

Actionair, smoke and fire damper, ES rated

Actionair’s CSS range of ES-rated smoke and fire dampers has been developed to provide effective control of fire and, especially, smoke in standard circular/spiral ductwork systems. This type of ductwork accounts for around half the ducting installed in the UK. This range of fire dampers covers duct sizes from 100 to 355 mm.

Part B of the Building Regulations covering fire safety requires fire dampers to be tested to BS EN 1366-2:1999 and have an ES classification of at least 60 minutes. (E represents integrity, and S represents the smoke seal.) Actionair claims that its CSS range is the only one of its kind to achieve a 2 h ES classification.

Two types are available. The CSS smoke/fire damper has circular-bladed dampers that are spring-loaded to fail in the closed position. There is also a vent version for automatic smoke release that fails to the open position if electrical power is lost.

There are two types of factory-fitted controls, both of which are designed for easy remote release/reset to simply test procedures. An electric thermal release automatically operates the damper at 72°C or if the power supply is interrupted.

A manual test switch enables testing to be carried out periodically.

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