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Electric underfloor heating is designed to go under tiles

Published:  07 April, 2010

Raychem, electric underfloor heating

Raychem’s CeraPro domestic electric underfloor heating system is described as an easily installed under-tile heating system that provides total flexibility for all room shapes and sizes. It is based on a strong, low-profile professional-grade fluoropolymer heating cable with preinstalled electrical connection cable. The all-in-one kit includes a simple and innovative ‘tap ’n’ mesh’ installation system for quick and easy fixing to the subfloor. The cable is only 3 mm thick and sits within the tile adhesive.

The kit also includes a cable-spacing guide to ensure that the precise heat requirement is installed onto the subfloor. Raychem provides a 12-year total-care warranty on the product as standard and an extended 20-year total-care warranty when installed by a Raychem CertifiedPro installer.

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