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Condensing boilers continue to dominate commercial market

Published:  12 January, 2010

Condensing high-efficiency boilers now represent 72% of the commercial market (above 44 kW) in the UK, according to figures from the commercial boiler group of ICOM Energy Association. The rate of growth is described as slower than previous years but showing no signs of abating. Overall, the market for commercial boilers declined by 5.5%, despite the growth in condensing boilers.

Wall-hung condensing boilers remain the most popular product in the commercial sector, accounting for 52% of the total market. As more models have become available, floor-standing condensing boilers have grown to represent 20% of the market. The demand for gas-fired atmospheric boilers continues to decline. Although there will be a requirement for replacements in the short term, this is expected to diminish over time.

Sales of cast-iron pressure-jet boilers have also declined. Interestingly, the sales of oil-fired boilers recovered over the previous year, growing by 7.2%.

Biomass sales remain relatively low, but this sector grew by 57% compared with the previous year.

Members of ICOM Energy Association represents over 90% of commercial boiler sales in the UK.

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