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Ecodan heat pumps are installed in houses for Great Yarmouth Borough Council

Published:  12 January, 2010

Mitsubishi Electric’s Ecodan heat-pump space-heating systems have been installed in nine different-sized dwellings of Great Yarmouth Borough Council. The Dodd Group was responsible for the installations, which were carried out over a 5-week period. A range of dwelling sizes was deliberately chosen to demonstrate the advantages of Ecodan over other heating systems.

In one 3-bed semi-detached house, storage heaters were replaced by an Ecodan unit, supported by solar-thermal technology to provide hot water. The resident, a Mr Bird, explained, ‘My wife and I are both retired, so the cost of running the house can be quite a challenge, especially in winter months. Ecodan will provide all of our heating and will also take over the demand for hot water during the winter when solar technology is less effective.’

Steve Webster, renewable contract manager for the Dodd Group, says, ‘Air-source heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners realise the potential for cost savings. Unlike gas and oil boilers, they require little more than a visual maintenance check once a year, are almost ‘fit and forget’ and can help reduce a household’s energy consumption dramatically.’

Compared to a modern gas-fired condensing boiler, Ecodan can help reduce fuel bills by up to 30% and carbon emissions by up to 50%.’

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