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Fabric ventilation adds a touch of style

Published:  21 February, 2005

fabric ventilation

This unusual-looking ventilation system serving the premises of Imagelinx is based on fabric ductwork dyed to blend with the interior of the building. Fabric Air supplied two separate systems, each with an airflow of 3.5 m3/s. The channels have linear slot diffusers to deliver air at low velocity. Each system comprises 710 mm-diameter heads 13 m long, with six 12 m channels 350 mm in diameter feeding from the main duct. The complete system provides year-round cooling, heating and air conditioning to maintain accurate conditions in the space.

Imagelinx provides graphic brand management services to a wide range of consumer-product companies and covers all aspects of substrate and print processes for packaging. The whole process is reliant on up-to-date computer and graphics technology, which generates large amounts of heat.

Advantages of the fabric system over metal ductwork include no need for insulation, painting or structural modifications. The material can be configured in interesting patterns without affecting air flow or performance. When necessary, the channels are removed and laundered using a standard commercial washing machine.

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