Modern Building Services
Trox continues success with MSCbs in Spain
Published:  12 October, 2009

The latest of a series of Trox chilled-beam installations in Spain is the £280 000 contract for the Ciudad Library new Madrid. The beams cover three floors of the library and comprise about 2000 linear metres of exposed multi-service chilled beams with lighting, PIR sensors and smoke detectors.

These active chilled beams could only be supplied with air at either end, so they each have their own integral ducts. The longest beams are 4.5 m long in total run lengths of 54 m.

One of the challenges with such long lengths is to achieve an even distribution of air, so a header duct was developed running along the top of the beam to become a ‘duct within a duct’.

Ian Sams, Trox’s business development manager, comments, ‘ With this project, Trox have again demonstrated that our MSCBs are exportable. The MSCB, which already claims a huge part of the UK market, is now being asked for in mainland Europe. The technology is really taking off there, as this project proves..