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Boiler controllers gives weather compensation for three circuits

Published:  18 May, 2009

This stand-alone boiler controller can provide independent weather compensation to three separate heating circuits.

Kanmor’s 374e stand-alone universal heating controller can control two boilers and provide independent weather compensation to three separate circuits. It is available in the UK from Radiant Control.

For example, at an ambient of -3°C it can deliver water to radiators at 75°C, at 60°C for a timber joisted underfloor heating circuit and at 50°C for screeded underfloor heating. At higher outdoor temperatures, the supply temperature to each circuit is reduced in line with its characteristic curve.

Temperature control of such circuits is achieved by modulating two mixing valves with three or four ports, depending on the system design.

If one of two controlled boilers fails to bring the water temperature to target within a preset time, the second boiler is started. Each boiler is automatically rotated, typically every 48 h of burner running time, to extend boiler life and service intervals.

The 374e also controls domestic hot water, which is managed at 80°C.

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