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Glow-worm wiring centre simplifies intelligent control of central-heating systems

Published:  04 February, 2009

This smart wiring centre from Glow-worm simplifies the sophisticated control of central-heating systems.

Glow-worm has developed a smart wiring centre that enables a range of control options and weather compensation to be use with Ultracom and Flexicom system and open-vent boilers. The systems are Climastat, Climapro and Climapro RF. The new wiring centre means that intelligent room control or weather compensation can be used with the full range of Ultracom and Flexicom boilers.

With intelligent room control, the flow temperature from the boiler is reduced as the room temperature approaches the set point, enabling the boiler to operate more efficiently and deeper into condensing mode. The system can also differentiate between a call for heating and a call for hot water and adjust flow temperature accordingly. There are push-fit colour-coded connectors for one heating zone and one hot-water zone with the ebus connection for Climapro and Climastat.

This wiring centre can be used with systems using 2-port motorised valves (S plan) or 3-port motorised valves (Y plan) instead of a 10-way wiring centre.

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