Modern Building Services

7. Condensing boilers

Published:  14 January, 2009

Lochnivar EcoKnight
Designed for fully condensing operation, Lochinvar’s EcoKnight range of gas-fired boilers.
Since Part L hit the industry in 2005, condensing boilers have stormed the market becoming commonplace and saving millions of tonnes of CO2. The condensing boiler may not be quite as sexy as renewables but it has had a greater impact in the last few years. The technology faces a big challenge in the coming years, if it is not to quickly go the way of the standard-efficiency boiler. On the other hand, with many UK homes still sporting old, inefficient and well out-of-date boilers, condensing models still have a huge market to take aim at, especially if the Government gives the technology grant help to rival that offered to the insulation industry.

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