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Mitsubishi offers fingertip control of air conditioning

Published:  07 November, 2008

Mitsubishi touchscreen controller
Mitsubishi Electricís latest touchscreen controller can control up to 50 indoor air-conditioning units.

Mitsubishi Electricís latest touch-screen centralised controller can control up to 50 indoor units on an air-conditioning system. The AG150 has a 23 cm 800 x 600 pixel touch-screen display, and the G50 WebPages are available with it.

The unit can also control and monitor third-party equipment with the popular PAC-YG6**CA M-NET interfaces and offers common inputs/outputs to most BEMS and interface with fire-alarm systems.

Several new control features allow advanced annual scheduling, and the energy used for each system can be calculated.

The refrigerant-status check function can be activated (with the new YHM City Multi range). A secure Internet connection is available for remote control and monitoring and to receive e-mails about faults.

Features to be added include advanced energy-monitoring options, optimised start, advanced night setback and automatic setpoint adjustment.

The graphical interface can import AutoCAD drawings and bitmap pictures from a USB memory stick.

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