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Versatile split systems from Walter Meier

Published:  03 September, 2008

The Hitachi Utopia ES range of condensing units offers cooling capacities of up to 14 kW from a single-phase unit with a single fan. Available from Walter Meier (Climate UK), these compact units are only 800 mm high.

They can be used in twin and triple split configurations with the System Free range of indoor units.

ES and IVX condensing units share the same casing and appearance, so the two systems can be used together in a building and maintain a matching appearance.

The Deluxe IVX system brings 2-pipe VRF technologies to a multi-split scenario for the separate control of up to four indoor units. A variety of remote controllers can be supplied for each indoor unit.

The IVX system offers nominal cooling capacities from 7.1 to 30 kW and heating from 10.6 to 37.5 kW.

Both models are fully compatible with the Hitachi Set Free VRF range and associated controls.

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