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LG reports record sales for 2004 air-conditioning season

Published:  09 October, 2004

Looking forward to continuing sales growth — Tony Gittings of LG’s air-conditioning division.

A near 40% increase in sales for the 2004 air-conditioning season for LG has been attributed to new inverter products and a massive demand for the Art Cool range of designer-style wall-hung interior units and standard popular models such as cassettes.

These record sales have led the company to believing it is on target to become one of the major forces in the UK.

General manager Tony Gittings says, ‘Earlier this year the market looked flat for the whole industry. Growth predictions were not at all encouraging, and many manufacturers were reporting little activity.

‘We are on target to meet our goal of being one of the top three players in the UK. In a very short space of time, we now hold a significant stake in the splits market. This will increase with new products, new technologies and new designs to suit the demands from the marketplace.’

LG is continuing its expansion in the splits market, building from its base of over 1200 contractors registered on its products-accumulator scheme. LG expects to launch a 2-pipe, heat pump and 3-pipe heat-recovery versions of VRF systems using R410A in the first part of next year.

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