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Evaporative cooling controls high temperatures in distribution centre

Published:  06 October, 2007

Summer temperatures on this mezzanine floor of VDC Group at Park Royal are well below 38°C following the installation of Breezair evaporative cooling.

High temperatures at VDC Group have been curbed by evaporative cooling

The distribution centre of VDC Group at Park Royal no longer suffers temperatures as high as 38°C, thanks to the installation of a Breezair evaporative cooling system by Clean Air Group. A temperature of 22°C is now achieved.

VDC Group is a large independent manufacturer of optical discs and invested in a purpose-built, state-of-the-art distribution and warehouse centre in March 2005. It includes a 4600 m2 mezzanine where 60 staff package and pack CDs. Solar gain and heat from packaging machines could drive temperatures up to 38°C — despite every door and shutter being open.

To prevent such high temperatures, four Breezair evaporative coolers have been installed outside and deliver cool fresh air via galvanised ducting dropping vertically into the building, with distribution ductwork and 4-way plena directing air in the packing area.

Following the success of this installation, VDC Group asked Clean Air Group to install a further Breezair cooler in the printing department on the Park Royal site.

Joe Bennis of VDC says, ‘Although the Breezair coolers have only been installed on the mezzanine floor, the cool air flows down to the ground floor to help reduce temperatures there as well. The system is working very, very efficiently and is very economic to run.’

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