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Close-control air conditioning with added benefits

Published:  09 October, 2004

Specialist cooling for specialist environments — Mitsubishi’s Electric’s PFD range.

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a range of air-conditioning units for computer rooms, laboratories and other areas where strict control of humidity and temperature is essential.

These PFD inverter-driven units have low running and starting currents (12 A) and achieve high EERs. Temperature is controlled to within ±1 K, and these units are capable of high sensible cooling (an SHF of up to 1.0 depending on conditions).

Maintenance costs are reduced by removing the need for a humidifier in many cases and not having to install water pipes from individual units. With long pipe runs of up to 120 m, the PFD system is designed to minimise the size of the indoor units and the floor space required.

There are two models with cooling capacities of 28 and 56 kW and without a humidifier in most specifications. Clever use of an optimised inverter-driven compressor minimises excessive dehumidifation that requires other systems to need a separate humidifier for each indoor unit.

These free-standing units do not require airflow on all sides and can sit hard against a wall, minimising the floor area required.

The system offers a 20-second restart from power failures, with linked units restarting at one second intervals to avoid large surges in demand.

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