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Long-life lighting brings life cycle benefits to University

Published:  08 July, 2007

The long life of Chalmor’s Endurance luminaires is being put to good effect in the engineering laboratories of City University London, where gaining access to luminaires for re-lamping is difficult.

Endurance luminaires have a life of at least 60 000 h, compared to a maximum of 20 000 h for standard T5 fittings. As a result, in most applications, Endurance lamps never need replacing during the life of the fitting.

The laboratory previously used a mixture of sodium and mercury light sources. Lighting levels and light quality were considered inadequate, so a decision was made to replace the lighting.

Stephen McKinnell of the university’s property and facilities department explains, ‘We carried out a life-cycle costing analysis. Over the life of an installation, we calculated we would save at least £50 000 by opting for the Endurance — much of it on maintenance savings because of the exceptionally long life of the fittings.’

Installed by McGoff & Vickers, the new luminaires have reduced the installed load compared to T5 fittings and, on average, trebled light levels. They have also improved colour rendering and colour appearance.

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