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VRF air-conditioning system has energy monitoring for each apartment served

Published:  10 June, 2007

Comprehensive monitoring of the Toshiba VRF air-conditioning systems serving 60 suites in the Liffey Valley Clarion Hotel Suites apartment block enables each suite to be billed individually.

Energy-monitoring devices installed as part of the installation of five Toshiba SHRM heat-recovery VRF systems in an apartment enables each of the 60 suites to be individually billed for their own energy consumption. Installation work at the new Liffey Valley Clarion Hotel Suites apartment block in Dublin was carried out by G. T. Phelan, an Toshiba Jubilee distributor of 25 year’s standing.

The 15 outdoor units are combined in groups of three on the roof of the 5-storey block. 77 ducted indoor units provide both heating and cooling and also recover heat.

Derek Phelan explains, ‘The Toshiba controls determine the mode and temperature of any indoor unit, and night setback can be incorporated if required. When the room temperature reaches 10°C, the interactive intelligence system over-rides the card-key and reprograms the controller to provide heat until the room reaches 15°C.’

The Toshiba VRF equipment on delivers 420 kW of cooling and 470 kW of heating via ducted units that are only 210 mm high.

Special grilles in each apartment combine supply and return air flows. The controls have anodised-aluminium covers to match the decor.

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