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Art Cool indoor units offers more options

Published:  17 March, 2007

art cool
Combine art and air conditioning — ‘The kiss’ painting by Gustav Klimt could, for example, be used as the front panel of an LG Art Cool indoor unit. This painting is described by online encyclopaedia Wilkipedia as depicting ‘a couple shrouded in gold and symbols sharing a kiss against a timeless background’.

New colour, new finishes and new features and benefits are all part of LG’s Art Cool collection for 2007. These uncluttered and stylish indoor units take cooling and heating (using a heat pump) into the realms of the indoor design accessory.

New finishes range from subdued pastels to natural finishes to striking shades of blue and red and panels for customised pictures.

All Art Cool units come with an infrared remote control unit providing control of these functions: air circulation/fan operation; room temperature checking; sleep mode operation; temperature setting; operation mode selection; single-event 24-hour timer function.

Several types of air treatment filter the air and remove odours. In particular, the Nano Plasma air-purifying system is said to be six times more efficient than a carbon filter.

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