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DHW control combines efficiency and safety

Published:  14 February, 2007

Combining the efficient control of domestic hot water to many outlets with effective thermal flushing — Honeywell’s Alwa-Kombi-4 throttle valve.

Honeywell has introduced a low-cost approach to ensuring the immediate availability of hot water in buildings with many outlets while reducing water wastage. The Alwa-Kombi-4 throttle vale is installed in the secondary returns of constant hot-water systems to balance them. An optional thermostatic control attachment maintains constant circulation temperature.

These valves are said to be easy to fit. An optional drainage adaptor is available.

The valve allows for easy thermal flushing as required for daily legionella prevention. The temperature control is typically set for 5 to 55°C for normal operation. However, when water at over 70°C is flushed through the system for thermal disinfection, the valve automatically opens to ensure this hot water is rapidly distributed throughout all risers and pipelines, while maintaining the balance. When the process is over and the water temperature drops, the valve automatically returns to its standard control state.

There is a visible, digital pre-setting dial with a concealed pre-setting handwheel.

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