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High-performance condensing boilers can be connected to old systems

Published:  15 October, 2006

Space is available in the case of the Ultramax PB range of boilers from MHS Boilers for a low-loss header kit for new systems or a plate heat exchanger to provide a barrier between the boiler and old systems.

The Ultramax PB range of boilers from MHS Boilers is said to solve the problem of fitting an energy-efficient, high-performance condensing boiler to an old system. The trick is to incorporate an optional kit containing a plate heat exchanger into the boiler case to protect the boiler from debris that accumulates in older systems.

For new installations, a low-loss header kit can be accommodated within the boiler casing.

Four models provide outputs from 65 to 120 kW. They all have a footprint of 0.5 m2.

The pre-mix burner modulates down to 15% of full output and achieves an efficiency of 109.8%. NOx emissions do not exceed 33 mg/kWh, easily meeting the require- ment for maximum BREEAM points. Noise levels do not exceed 48 dB(A).

The integrated controls can be connected to intelligent room controls and include direct weather compensation.

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