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CIBSE launches its register of low-carbon consultants

Published:  17 September, 2006

Welcoming the CIBSE register of low-carbon consultants — CIBSE president David Hughes

Over a hundred professionals have passed the qualification examination for the register of low-carbon consultants run by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers. The register was officially launched on 1 September.

The scheme trains and registers a range of professionals who can design and operate buildings above the minimum energy performance required by regulations. They will also be able to confirm compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations for England and Wales. The scheme is aimed at surveyors, architects, commissioning specialists and services engineers.

Those registered will be required to raise their skill and knowledge even higher each year by undertaking specific continuing professional development and further training in aspects of low-energy design and operation.

The scheme covers all five compliance criteria in the Approved Documents, including the target energy rating provided by the National Calculation Methodology. The CIBSE scheme focuses on the compliance of the building with the overall requirements of Part L.

Welcoming the launch of the register, CIBSE president David Hughes said, ‘This is surely what our industry should be demanding of construction professionals at this level. The innovation and imagination that low-carbon consultants can bring to the overall performance of our building stock is vital in reducing carbon emissions and achieving energy-efficient, economically attractive places in which to run business.’

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