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Powrmatic heaters are animal magic

Published:  21 May, 2006

Heating and ventilation for the Tsavo exhibit at Chester Zoo is provided by a Powrmatic oil-fired ducted unit heater.

The latest application of Powrmatic heating equipment at Chester Zoo is the Tsavo exhibit, home to the zoo’s rhinos.

This exhibit emulates a native African hut and has very low headroom in the plant room.

The heating solution is a oil-fired ducted unit. In winter, it delivers warm air with a preset percentage of fresh air for ventilation. It also provides full fresh air in summer to provide free cooling.

Powrmatic Calecon thermal economisers installed at high level ensure the required temperatures are maintained and reduce energy consumption.

Colin Swanick of Kimpton Building Services says, ‘We have been working closely with the North of England Zoological Society, Chester Zoo for over 17 years. During that time, we have been involved with the design and installation of Powrmatic heating systems across various exhibits, which have helped to provide suitable living accommodation for their diverse occupants.’

The OUH range of indirect oil-fired unit heaters is designed for industrial, warehouse and other commercial applications where oil firing is required and floor space is at a premium. They are available with outputs from 20 to 60 kW.

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