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Gatwick plans ahead

Published:  02 July, 2018

With the announcement of an extra runway for Heathrow, Gatwick Airport has committed to £3 billion of investment with a new five-year plan.

Gatwick is the UK’s second largest airport, and the planned investment will be spent to ‘support airline growth and enhance the airport experience for passengers.’

Projects that have been identified include Pier 6 Western extension; Pier 5 to be updated to handle the new A380 aircraft which has an 80m wingspan; and a new domestic arrivals facility.

Sustainable growth has been particularly identified as a priority, along with increased use of technology to improve resilience and capabilities.

Gatwick had bid against Heathrow for a new runway, so the infrastructure investment is aimed at helping Gatwick grow its long-haul operation. Gatwick predicts its passenger numbers will increase to nearly 53 million by 2023.

Spending is set to begin soon, with £266 million planned for 2018/19.

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