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Faster ductwork

Published:  18 February, 2006

Five minutes of your time — this CD stresses the installation speed of Kingspan Koolduct compared with traditional sheet-metal ducting.

The fast-track capability of Kingspan Koolduct is demonstrated in a video comparing this system with conventional ducting.

The 5-minute production is on a CD and ‘stars’ two teams of fabricators in two races assembling a length of ducting — one using traditional sheet-metal ductwork and the other pre-insulated Kingspan KoolDuct.

In the first race, the Kingspan team finished their installation first, and the other team is then seen cutting rolls of insulation to required lengths, which then need to be fixed to the sheet-metal system after the duct installation was finished.

The second race demonstrates that Koolduct was twice as fast — excluding the extra time to insulate the galvanised ducting.

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