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Automatic mixer tap can reduce water usage by 70%

Published:  18 February, 2006

Automatic control of the Tempomatic 3 mixer tamp from Douglas Controls contributes to a potential 70% water saving compared with typical washroom basin mixers.

Douglas Controls claims that a new generation of controls on its taps enables water savings of up to 70% to be achieved compared to typical basin mixer. The savings are due to a combination of automatic non-touch operation and a factory-set flow rate of 6 l/min.

An infra-red sensor allows water to flow as soon as a person’s hands approach it. Tempomatic 3 taps are designed for single-trade fix. Long-life lithium batteries provide 250 000 to 300 000 operations, representing three to five years. No other power source is required. The battery is replaced through a top maintenance cover locked by two concealed screws.

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