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Evaporative cooling extracts heat from injection-moulding machines

Published:  15 January, 2006

A constant supply of fresh air delivered by a Breezair evaporative cooler has reduced internal temperatures in this factory from 30°C to 22°C.

Summer temperatures in the factory of Asset Demo at Earl Shilton near Leicester have been reduced from 30°C to 22°C following the installation of evaporative cooling.

The company produces point-of-sale material for shops and the automotive trade. Three injection-moulding and five vacuum-moulding machines installed in the 280 m2 factory push large amounts of heat into the poorly ventilated space.

Dust and fume specialist Air Plants calculated that just one Breezair EA Air Cooler could provided sufficient cooled fresh air to overcome the problem. The unit has been installed on an outside wall and delivers air through a ducted system. It was installed in a single day.

A continuous supply of fresh air is passed over a water-saturated medium, cooled and washed, and then delivered to the space. Sufficient cool air is produced to drive the hot air from the building.

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