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Building management on the cloud

Published:  03 September, 2015

FM Logicís Intelligent Building Integrated System (IBIS) is a cloud-based platform for data and monitoring. It is designed to control a range of building operating and energy systems in one or all of a userís buildings. There is one easy-to-use portal with integration and the internet of things at its heart.

Connected buildings and systems can be accessed at any time for live viewing of building data, energy consumption, facility management and maintenance operations. This information can be shared between departments to help achieve substantial efficiency gains.

Among the features of IBIS is an energy profiler that analyses energy usage. It collates, monitors and analyses energy usage across the portfolio.

Another feature is a task manager. It operates as a central management interface for site maintenance, alarms, energy tasks, breakdowns and scheduled events.

Reactive management is provided by the alarm sentinel, which manages alarms and abnormal events from networks, equipment, devices, operations and environmental conditions.

IBIS can be access from desktop computers, tablets and smart phones.

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