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MHG Heating introduces two new boiler ranges

Published:  03 September, 2015

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MHG Heating has introduced two ranges of competitively priced, high-efficiency floor-standing gas-fired condensing boilers for commercial applications. Prices of the Superbox (left in photo) and Alubox (right) ranges are said to be around 30% less per kilowatt of capacity than other boilers of comparable quality and performance.

Superbox boilers have capacities from 160 to 1060 kW and deliver net efficiencies of up to 106.4%. They have stainless-steel heat exchangers

The capacity range of Alubox boilers is from 208 to 2200 kW, with net efficiencies up to 108.6%. They have special-alloy cast-aluminium heat exchangers.

Both ranges have a compact design and can be used in cascade configuration with up to 16 boilers interconnected.

Features include low NOx emissions to Class 5 and high modulation ratio to achieve efficient response to variable heat loads. Each boiler has a master electronic control panel with independent control of up to three zones.

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