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Smith’s Fan Convectors delivers warm welcome for historic church

Published:  05 August, 2015

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The updating of the heating for St Chad’s Church in Hanmer, one of the oldest churches in Wales, uses 10 Caspian fan convectors from Smith’s Fan Convectors. They were chosen for the ability to deliver heat very rapidly and often intermittently. The church dates from 1486, and the entire heating system has been updated to protect its heritage and cater for the regular use of the church.

Stuart Tole, a church warden, said, ‘The system is working incredibly well. The installer commissioning the system got the temperature in the church up to 25°C.

‘Our church is large, and the previous system, dating back to 1959, struggled to maintain any kind of heat at all because it was all radiators.

‘The great thing about Smith’s fan convectors is they get up to temperature very quickly and then switch off.

‘Everyone has commented about how lovely and warm the church is now, and this is going to really help with keeping our church at the heart of this community.’

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