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Crofton designs services for project with installation team of volunteers

Published:  03 June, 2015

Crofton, consulting engineer

Consulting engineer Crofton has been appointed to undertake the MEP engineering on a major new 120 000 m2 headquarters being developed for the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ charity Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society of Britain. The development is a Temple Farm at Hanningfield near Chelmsford.

Much of the design and construction work will be undertaken by volunteers.

Steve Hale, managing director of Crofton, explains, ‘Normally the MEP engineer would produce the design drawings for building services, and the contractor would use these to produce installation drawings. However, there isn’t a contractor for many of the packages on this project because volunteers are undertaking the majority of the MEP installation.

‘Crofton’s appointment therefore includes the responsibility of producing installation drawings. This is a testament to our investment in BIM over the last three years, which has enabled us to develop the skills and demonstrate that we have the skills necessary to fulfil this role.’

Work will start on site this year and is scheduled for completion in 2019.

The site will accommodate 55O residential unit 30 000 m2 of office space over five buildings and a 16 000 m2 printing press. There wil also be 4300 m2 of maintenance workshops, a 2750 m2 fitness centre and a 2900 m2 energy centre.

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