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Building automation Web controller ensures free vendor choice

Published:  13 November, 2005

Honeywell’s Excel Web IP-enabled controller ensures a free choice in selecting HVAC plant vendors.

Excel Web from Honeywell is an IP-enabled controller for building automation that ensures a free choice in selecting HVAC plant vendors — now and in the future. It secures investment in plant.

Costs are said to be reduced enormously as an existing Ethernet IP network can be used for plant controllers. No licence is required, and Excel Web is compatible with BACnet and LonWorks open protocols.

Direct access to plant can be achieved via Intranet or Internet, and there is no need for additional routers. Remote service capability is built in, including firmware and application download, readout of online trend buffer and trend and readout of LON communication statistics.

Excel Web integrates into every network security concept and is firewall friendly — it requires ports for HTTP and BACnet and does not use ActiveX. The web server can be disabled for critical applications such as military or pharmaceutical sites.

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