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Mitsubishi teams up with Wigan Warriors to help renewable energy

Published:  04 March, 2015

Mitsubishi, air conditioning, renewable energy

Mitsubishi Electric is supporting the renewable-energy agenda in Wigan by becoming the official main partner for Wigan Warriors Community Foundation and a key partner of the foundation’s ‘I’m a green warrior’ projects. The Warriors Foundation wants to be the spearhead in engaging hundreds of schools, colleges and businesses, along with thousands of individuals, to get involved in renewable-energy projects.

The partnership will run for three years. Wayne Joyce, Wigan Warriors director of community, said, ‘The partnership will allow us to extend our current delivery and help us take a further step in our ambition to become a world-renowned foundation.

Martin Fahey, who leads Mitsubishi Electric’s Green Gateway environmental initiative, said, ‘We are delighted to be part of the Wigan Warriors Community Foundation and I’m a Green Warrior project as it matches our own commitment to getting everyone to look at how they can reduce energy use.

‘Our approach is all about engaging with people to start the energy dialogue. With Wigan, we are linking with a very strong and high-quality brand that obviously means a lot to the community.’

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