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Cast-iron boilers perform to modern standards

Published:  15 October, 2005

Cast-iron boilers meet modern standards — Hamworthy’s Purewell VariHeat range.

Hamworthy Heating’s Purewell VariHeat range of boilers has been designed as a direct replacement for traditional cast-iron atmospheric boilers. These boilers occupy the same space as their predecessors, but have 50% higher output, exceptional seasonal efficiency and exceed the Building Regulations coming into effect in April 2006.

These cast-iron condensing boilers have fully modulating pre-mix gas-fired burners.

The cast-iron heat exchanger has a down-firing pre-mix burner. A secondary heat exchanger at the base of the boiler maximises heat recovery from flue gases.

Efficiency at full load is 104% net, rising to 108% at part load.

Five models provide outputs from 70 to 180 kW.

VariHeat boilers can be installed individually or in a multiple installation with up to six boilers on a single flue header.

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