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Evinox adds to control for communal underfloor heating

Published:  05 June, 2014

Evinox, space heating, community heating, communal heating, district heating

To simplify the control of underfloor heating for communal and district-heating installations, Evinox offers a control kit for its ModuSat heat interface unit. It provides individual room or zone temperature control when combined with Evinox room thermostats.

This control system connects to the ModuSat heat interface unit and the ViewSmart room controller, which then operates as the time programmer. The underfloor-heating control system sends a run signal to the ModuSat when there is a demand for heat from any of the room thermostats or a run signal from the ViewSmart controller during the timed period.

Evinox combines the expertise and independence to deliver lifetime communal-heating packages for any project brief. The company provides complete communal-heating solutions — including equipment for the central plant room. ModuSat heat-interface units, maintenance packages and energy metering, billing and remote surveillance.

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