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Sheffield embarks on borehole thermal storage of industrial waste heat

Published:  05 September, 2013

Rehau, NeoEnergy, borehole thermal storage, district heating
Industrial waste heat in Sheffield will be recovered by a borehole thermal energy storage system created by Rehau and NeoEnergy.

Sheffield City Council has launched a development project to store waste industrial heat in a series of boreholes and supply it for use by local homes and businesses. Rehau and NeoEnergy will provide the system, which will comprise a series of boreholes 30 to 300 m deep to store waste heat and direct it into the cityís district-heating system when required.

The opportunity for capturing and distributing industrial heat followed mapping studies by the University of Sheffield.

The project follows the success of Rehau and NeoEnergy in being named among the global winners in the LLGA (Living Labs Global Award) Cities Pilot the Future programme.

The city-wide will enable the companies to showcase the impact of their solution in a city-wide application and provide useful validation for the technology in the UK. It will use Rehauís PE-Xa probes, which are suitable for high-temperature storage up to 95įC.

NeoEnergy has completed over a hundred underground thermal-energy projects in Scandinavia and will bring this knowledge to the UK.

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