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Panasonic’s latest gas-driven VRF system

Published:  05 September, 2013

Panasonic’s Eco G High Power is a 2-pipe gas-driven VRF air-conditioning system that incorporates a 2 kW electricity generator. It can supply heating, cooling, hot water and generate electricity for its own consumption. Its electrical requirement is only 1% that of standard GHP and VRF systems.

Applications include buildings where the electricity is restricted or where CO2 emissions must be reduced.

Hot water can be supplied free when ambient temperatures reach 7°C to supply up to 30 kW to hot water at 75°C.

Heating and cooling requirements can be balanced by recovering heat from the engine’s cooling water and supplying it to the VRF circuit. Using waste heat from the engine ensures that no defrost cycle is required and that heating can be delivered down to -20°C.

This GHP system is also available with a water-chiller option.

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