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Team Rinnai succeeds in its charity ascent on Mount Snowdon

Published:  29 August, 2013

Rinnai, domestic hot water, DHW

Triumphantly celebrating the Ďdeliveryí of a Rinnai water heater the top of mount Snowdon to raise money for Cairanís Cause is the 14-strong team that took turns to carry the 15 kg heater. Ciaranís Cause aims to supply schools and sports centres with heart defibrillators. You can make a donation using the first link below.

First to the top was salesman Darcy May. The water heater can deliver hot water at a rate of 960 l/h and is designed for external installation.

The Rinnai team had the opportunity to raise a further £5000 for every vote made on a charity web site.

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