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Filters combine with variable-speed drives to reduce energy use

Published:  01 August, 2013

Camfil, ABB, air filter, AHU, air handling unit, variable speed drive

Customers retrofitting Camfil air filters in air-handling units can have an ABB variable-speed drive fitted at the same time following an agreement between Inverter Drive Systems, a member of the ABB drives alliance, and Camfil. Matching the pressure developed by the fan with the pressure drop across the filter offers the potential for significant energy savings.

Energy consumption is proportional to the pressure drop across the filter. For a typical filter running half the time for a year, every additional Pascal in pressure drop across the filter adds £1 to energy costs — and energy costs account for 70% of the total life-cycle costs of a filter system.

Camfil filters distribute the airflow over the entire surface of the filter, minimising pressure drop. Efficiency can be further increased using a variable-speed drive.

Bob Wilkinson of Camfil explains, ‘There are over 11 million motors in the UK driving fixed-speed fans in AHUs, Fitting variable-speed drives will create substantial energy savings. Our aim is to show users how they can save 20 to 30% on their energy bills, and our deal with IDS will bring AHU users even greater savings.’

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