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Balancing valve designed for variable-volume systems

Published:  20 June, 2005

Crane valve
Designed for use in variable-volume systems is Crane’s MotoBalance motorised balancing valve.

A motorised balancing valve from Crane Fluid Systems is designed for circuits where the combined functions of actuated regulation and flow measurement are required.

MotoBalance is a fixed-orifice double-regulating valve providing four functions: measuring; regulating; presetting; and isolating. This combination of features makes for quicker commissioning, and the special fixed-orifice design gives more accurate flow measurement. These valves combine flow measurement with isolation and a 2-port control valve in the same body.

The valve is designed for variable-volume systems on terminal units such as chilled beams, radiant panels and fan-coil units. It can be operated by a thermal on/off actuator (typically for chilled beams) or a modulating actuator (typically for fan-coil units).

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