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Six functions into one valve for fan-coil units

Published:  20 June, 2005

By combining commissioning and five other functions into one valve, Oventropís Cocon 4 can reduce installation time by up to 25%.

Installation time savings of up to 25% are said to be possible using Oventropís Cocon 4 control valves on fan-coil units. These multi-function control valves were specially developed for fan-coil units and chilled beams.

Even more time can be saved by supplying these valves to manufacturers so that fan-coil units can be assembled complete with control for heating and chilled water and fully wired outstations for the BMS installation.

Cocon 4 valves include a 4-port control valve for proportional control of room temperature, fixed-orifice measuring points, double-regulation feature and drain.

All the servicing and commissioning elements of these valves can be located above the drip tray, and they can be maintained in line under working conditions.

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