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2-way communication for communal heating systems

Published:  03 May, 2012

Evinox, communal space heating, heat interface unit

Evinox’s SmartTalk 2-way communication system for communal heating systems using heating interface units served by central plant enables heating and hot water in each dwelling to be remotely metered, controlled, interrogated and tested. Said to be a first for communal heating, this software has the ability to download data from the heat interface and also upload data to provide control remotely.

SmartTalk has been designed for Evinox ModuSat communal heating systems.

Among the capabilities of SmartTalk are the remote control of the system in each dwelling — including timings and settings. It also has remote diagnostic capability. Fault alarms can be checked by testing the operation of components.

Occupants can set heating and hot water remotely using SMS text messaging, and also view consumption.

Empty apartments can be monitored and controlled remotely, or unlet properties can be left on frost protection.

Apartment temperatures are also logged.

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